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HRA Statement on the Aleppo War (Syria)

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HRA Statement on the Aleppo War (Syria)

For more than four years Aleppo has been at war with Aleppo.

Its population has been at the same time a victim of a jihadist insurgency, reprisal bombings, political cleansing by religious tribunals and government courts, settling of scores between loyalists and rebels on the one hand and rebels and jihadists on the other, an atrocious military siege, scarcity, famine and a continual fire of shot, artillery fire from all belligerents, barrels of explosives from the army and ‘Hell’ of the rebellion, mass executions, kidnappings for ransoms, chemical attacks, snipers and many other atrocities.

In recent weeks, the Aleppo conflict has evolved in favor of government forces that are in the process of regaining full control of the city.

On December 13, supported by its powerful local and international allies, the Syrian government reached the last rebel square in south-east Aleppo at the cost of heavy casualties, especially among civilians caught in the crossfire.

Thanks to international diplomacy, the rebels, their families and supporters obtained a safe-conduct allowing them to leave their safe neighborhoods in the western part of the province of Aleppo.

We are relieved to learn that in spite of the horror, the lives of tens of thousands have been saved thanks to its humanitarian corridors, allowing the besieged population to reach either governmental or rural areas under rebel control.

Syrian civilians have paid an immense tribute in this international war, of which they are often only spectators in spite of themselves.

This war has sown in the hearts of the Syrian people a feeling of injustice, despair and revenge.

We hope, however, that thanks to the evacuation of the rebels, the inhabitants of Aleppo and the displaced will be able to experience a more serene future away from bombs, bullets and hatred.

After sending arms, money and fighters for nearly 1600 days for the people of Aleppo to kill each other, some governments are still trying to maintain a climate of division and confrontation by blaming the Aleppo tragedy on one camp.

We call on all the parties to the conflict to adopt a constructive attitude encouraging dialogue, peace, reconciliation and both mental and material reconstruction of the victims of the Aleppo War.

For, today peace is the only hope that unites all the Syrians.

Human Rights Agency (HRA) / Geneva