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Earthquake, Morocco: Urgent help, vital call

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Earthquake, Morocco: Urgent help, vital call

The earthquake in Morocco left more than 2,000 dead and 2,421 injured, according to a new report made public on Sunday by the Moroccan Interior Ministry.

Faced with this deep sadness, our thoughts are with the Moroccan people.

We express our full support to the bereaved families who are going through this tragic situation.

In order to put the necessary means to meet the primary, material needs, and meet the essential demands following this disaster, we call on your outpouring of fraternity and solidarity to support the Moroccan people who are going through a difficult period following this earthquake which is affecting hundreds of families.

We are counting on your momentum of mobilization and solidarity, do not hesitate to make a donation.

“it is with small stones that we can build bridges”.
The ADH team

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